Significant judgment in favour of a Chinese manufacturer

Gostyński and Partners successfully protected interests of a Chinese manufacturer in a dispute against principal Polish supplier of eyewear to the Polish market.

The case concerned breach of the terms of the settlement, which the parties concluded as a result of the defendant’s failure to pay outstanding invoices (amounting in total to nearly USD 400.000). The defendant was fulfilling obligations resulting from the settlement for some time. As a result of his abrupt backout, Gostyński and Partners initiated litigation on behalf of the client.

Despite the long-lasting and complex proceedings, in which the defendant tried to – by any means possible – convince the court that our claim was unjustified, we successfully countered all of the preposterous arguments.

Our team obtained a verdict in which the Court fully satisfied client’s claim together with statutory interest as well as adjudicated on the costs of legal services and costs of the trail.