Establish your business in Poland


Poland offers unique opportunities for business development and growth. Situated in the European 'heartland' with a large domestic market, including ready access to dynamic marketplaces within the European Union and beyond, Poland is recognised as the location-of-choice for businesses across a diverse range of sectors.

Gostynski and Partners offers a comprehensive support service to quickly and efficiently establish your Polish business or subsidiary. This includes expertise in registration, administration, operations and personnel management as well as tax and accounting solutions.

Many of our clients establish a Polish Limited Liability Company (PL: sp. z o.o.) as a practical legal vehicle for their business. Benefits include:

  • Low Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in Europe
  • Substantial Research and Development tax relief
  • Dividends paid to companies residing in an EU or EEA countries benefit from a general tax exemption (conditions apply)
  • Dividends payable to non-EU countries benefit from tax relief in double-taxation treaties
  • Directors of the company, who are not EU residents, do not require a permanent stay permit in Poland
  • Few restrictions on who may be a shareholder of the Limited Company

With a quality higher education system, Poland also provides a diversified talent pool of young people focused on technology, innovation, creativity and other essential requirements for successful 'start-up' companies and business expansion.

Gostynski and Partners can assist you in realising the full potential of these unique opportunities - quickly, precisely and cost effectively.