Protection of Human Rights


Human rights are inherent to all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, language, religion or other status. They include the right to life and liberty; freedom from slavery, unlawful imprisonment, persecution and torture; freedom of expression and religion; the right to work with dignity and receive an education, and many more. They are embodied and fully described in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone at Gostynski and Partners is fully committed and dedicated to the protection of human rights. We engage in legal actions and campaigns, support philanthropic initiatives that includes protecting and educating vulnerable children in Africa; we participate in professional associations such as the Global Justice Network (GJN) and integrate the core principles of dignity and respect in all our interactions and activities.

In a world which too often applies ignorance, indifference, ambiguity, uncertainty and falsehoods as ‘excuses’ for violations of human rights - we remain steadfast in their universal protection and tireless promotion.