Our Principles

> principles (plural noun) / definition:

“The fundamental ideas or basic rules that explain or control how something works or happens”


Care - Confidence - Communication - Collaboration

By applying these guiding principles, Gostynski and Partners delivers solutions for clients of the highest quality and distinction ensuring peace of mind is secured.


We care about our clients. This duty of care extends beyond a narrow focus on legal solutions. It includes measures to manage and mitigate risks and threats that may undermine overall well-being, a sense of security and peace of mind.


We earn and value the confidence of our clients. Trust and confidence are valuable assets and essential components of any successful working relationship. Confidence is built incrementally by being transparent, truthful and credible in all interactions with clients. This commitment extends to confidentiality and privacy, which must also be secured.


Open and timely communication with clients defines pathways towards legal remedies and positive outcomes. We ensure our clients not only have a ‘voice’ but are also respectfully heard at all stages of case-management enhancing the search for optimum solutions.


Gostynski and Partners delivers professional services within an international and multi-cultural environment. Our lawyers and associates are multi-lingual with relevant experience from across the globe. Senior Partners are qualified to practice law in Poland and the USA, supported by a network of associates that contribute global, regional and local insights, as well as multi-disciplinary expertise.