Your Peace of Mind

> peace of mind (expression) / definition:

“The feeling of emotional calm or inner tranquility; the state of not being worried or anxious”

attorney at law in Krakow Poland

A message from Founding Partner Szymon Gostynski

“Everyone reaches a certain age when they quietly reflect about the trajectory of their lives. This includes recollections about the past and memories of influential people who helped shape us. They may be family, teachers, friends, colleagues or even distant ‘mentors’ who seized our attention and provided inspiration towards bolder, better and more meaningful achievements.

In this spirit, I established Gostynski and Partners over 15 years ago. My primary inspiration came from my late father, Zbigniew Gostynski who devoted his professional life to legal practice. My father studied, lived and worked during extremely challenging times when Poland lay behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ and the world was gripped by the malign impacts of the ‘Cold War’ Seeking justice and legal remedies within an inherently crooked system required great determination and considerable courage.

The frustration and hardship for honest legal professionals during those dark times must have been unimaginable and yet my father never succumbed to cynicism or hopelessness. Every hard-won case or successful outcome represented a small victory against the prevailing injustice and fear. It certainly provided the momentum to persevere and seek greater justice for clients in Poland and beyond.

For my late father and for myself today, through the law offices of Gostynski and Partners that proudly bears his name, our mission is focused upon protecting your legal rights, personal well-being and peace of mind.

Peace of mind is not an abstract concept but a most valuable asset and fundamental right. It eliminates anxiety, reduces uncertainty and fear allowing our clients to function and flourish in their everyday lives without legal impediments.

Based on past experience and numerous successful outcomes, Gostynski and Partners have developed a proactive case management approach. This makes even the most complex cases more manageable, offering natural intermediary points that bring clarity, understanding and reassurance to clients. While at the same time, it motivates everyone to work together towards better and lasting solutions.

Together with my colleagues, we look forward to working with you in a respectful and effective partnership towards achieving the best possible results.

Thank you for your trust and confidence.”

Szymon Gostyński