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> values (plural noun) / definition:

“The principles that help decide what is right and wrong, and how to behave or act in various situations”

Our Values

Message from Founding Partner, Szymon Gostynski

“Everyone reaches a certain age when they quietly reflect about the trajectory of their lives. This includes recollections about the past and memories of influential people who helped shape us. They may be family, teachers, friends, colleagues or even distant ‘mentors’ who seized our attention and provided inspiration towards bolder, better and more meaningful achievements.

In this spirit, I established Gostynski and Partners over 15 years ago. My primary inspiration came from ...

Our Leadership

> leadership (noun) / definition:

“The position or fact of being the leader of people or an organization; the set of characteristics or attributes that make a good leader”

Our Focus

> focus (noun-verb) / definition:

“The main object or interest, or the attention given to something; to bring clarity or understanding; to see more clearly”

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